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Art & Design
Living in Spain Series

Living in Spain as an Artist

Guest blogger, and prolific artist, Angie Del Riego, shares with us about what it is like, living in Spain as an artist. Read about the surprising journey....
Heart & Health
Living Abroad

A Traveler’s Manifestation of Traveling Dreams

Sitting here enjoying sunset on a beach in Spain, I contemplate how I've come to be here, a traveler manifesting their traveling dreams....
Art & Design
Spain Homebase

Sebastian Melmoth, the Shop in Valencia for Collectibles & Curiosities

Even at first glance, we could feel this wasn't your typical shop in Valencia. In this video, meet the owners and their unique store Sebastian Melmoth....
Eat it Up, Yum!
Living in Spain Series

Denia, A Hidden Gem Among Gastronomy Destinations in Spain

Denia is making an impression among gastronomy destinations in Spain. Read our inside-scoop on how it was designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy....
Central America
Travel Planning

Personal & Tasty Insight into Boca Chica for Local Beaches in Dominican Republic

Nothing cures my cold-weather-blues better than local beaches in Dominican Republic. Boca Chica can be underestimated, but family and food never fail!...
Spain Homebase

Potríes, Wonderful to Visit Among Less Frequented Spanish Villages

Potríes is an experience among less frequented Spanish villages, that is serendipitous to come by. It swept us up with its people, pottery and more....
Spain Homebase

Ooh…That Feeling of Spain!

There is an allure to Spain that goes deep in many of us. What are these feelings that she evokes? For me, it drew me back....
Living in Spain Series

How to Buy Property in Spain – Interview with Valencia Property

We interviewed Valencia Property about why and how to buy property in Spain. What we learned is jaw-dropping, so we wanted to share it with you!...
United Kingdom
Travel Videos

Remembering Scotland, From One Poet to Another

We recently celebrated the Scottish holiday, Burns Night. It had us reminiscing about our great times in Scotland with these videos and stories....

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